Ranco ETC 111000-000 wiring and application – HERMS

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The following article with describe how to wire a Ranco Electronic Temperature Control (ETC) unit for use with a HERMS heating element and pump configuration.

*NOTE: I’m not an expert nor am I certified with electrical wiring. Please just use this for education purposes.

HLT  Parts:

HLT ETC parts

Here’s the basic parts need for the HLT water heater element circuit. I chose to design the water pump and heating stick components removable.  The Minnesota winters can be very cold and I’m afraid that any left over water may freeze and ruin my pump or etc.. Also I can choose to make test batches on my kitchen stove with the aid of the heating stick which works very nicely.


The main goal of the HLT circuit is to control the temperature of the Hot Liquor Tank to be used for sparging water and recirculating  mash liquid for resting temperature control. Acid, Protein and Saccrification rests specifically..

Tools and Supplies:

  • Ranco ETC-111000-000 for 120v single stage applications ( I found mine on eBay for around ~$50)
  • Outdoor electrical Box
  • Outdoor receptacle box cover
  • Recepticle socket
  • Male 120v 15A utility cord plug end
  • 4.5′ of 12-14 gauge extension cord
  • 2x – 2″ wire splices
  • 3x – 12 gauge wire nuts
  • Screw driver
  • Wire stripper
  • * optional solder and iron for securing wire connections


Start out with cutting your extension cord into four 12″ pieces.  With the left over few inches of the extension cord make a few 2″ jumper wires. We’ll use these later to make wire connections a bit easier.  The 12 gauge wire is a bit heavy duty  for the amperage of this circuit and requires a few jumpers to be placed in the relay wire terminals.  This will allow for the junction of point of your input power and relay wires.

I choose to use 12 gauge due to the way it fits securely in the inlet of the Ranco housing and provided a good heavy duty feel.

Ranco ETC:

For detailed wiring examples please visit Ron Ball’s blog. He has some really good instructions along with a

video. http://www.rcreptiles.com/blog/index.php/2007/05/11/how_to_wire_a_ranco_etc_111000_thermosta

I followed the same wiring steps for my pump circuit although I decided to use a female plug on the output circuit. This allows me to disconnect my pump easier and use my

Ranco for other tasks.

Notice the jumper connections and ground wires.

All the HERMS automation components. The only tempature items missing would be the two propane burners mounted to the HERMS cart.

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